Do your scars of the past limit your future?

Improved Performance

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending precious pottery with gold. It is said that the bowl has increased value after repair because it has become unique, it has a rich history and the repairer has an affinity to it because they were able to repair it.

You see, just like this bowl, we have toiled through life’s challenges that may cause us to crack or even break. These challenges in life may have scarred us both physical and emotionally, but it is how we choose to see these events that can determine out future success. Do you see these events as badges of shame that you are burdened to carry or is it your belief that your history makes you complete, whole, wise, and (just like the bowl) more beautiful.

Both PTSD and being divorced, I once saw as life events that I would not be able to recover from. Now I see these events were opportunities to learn some hard lessons and provide me a distinct advantage in all aspects of my life.

Just like every belief, there is potential that the belief is a lie. Therefore, take a moment to consider what you believe about your past. Do you feel that this belief supports your awesome potential? If not, take an opportunity to change it so that it supports your potential rather than limits it.

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