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Coaching for business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and young people.
Resilience Coach, Clint Seares

What Seares Resilience Academy Coaching Will Do For You

  • Help you define and achieve your goals
  • Get clarity and facilitate measurable change
  • Gain insight that you can turn into action
  • Identify solutions for problems
  • Unlock potential and creative abilities
  • Change your mindsets and improve mental resilience
  • Identify limiting mental processes and transmute them
  • Give you access to a dedicated ally to champion and support you
  • Equip you with the skills to Bio-Hack your mind for optimal performance, resilience and happiness
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Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Specialised coaching and team building for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Teen resilience training

Resilience 4 Teens

Individualised Resilience Coaching Programs for adolescents.

Gain the skills to bio-hack your mind for optimal performance, resilience and happiness

Seares Resilience Academy offers targeted individual and group Resilience Coaching programs and specialised workshops.
We design and deliver engaging, immersive, learning experiences that align to your organisations goals and have measurable outcomes.

Truly Customised Resilience Coaching

Whether you want one on one coaching, a program or workshop for yourself, a small group or for lots of people, Seares Resilience Academy creates a tailored concept to suit your unique objectives.
Whether it is in person, online, for a short time or ongoing, its all about making Resilience Coaching work for you!

Get in touch and we can explore what coaching options best support you